Visual Studio Integration

You spend a lot of time in Visual Studio, and VistaDB is right there where you expect us to be - So you can do all of your development from within one tool.

Visual Studio Integration Features in VistaDB

VistaDB Server Explorer The VistaDB Designer for Visual Studio extends the Server Explorer with a complete interface for developing VistaDB databases including schema design, modeling, editing, and data manipulation. This works just like it does for Microsoft SQL Server, including visual query creation inside the Visual Studio IDE.

Of course, you can always use Data Builder outside of Visual Studio for VistaDB database development but it’s great to have everything you might need available within your IDE.

Entity Framework

The VistaDB Entity Framework provider supports Entity Framework 6 as well as EF5 and EF4. You can generate EF models with Visual Studio using the Database-First approach where you create the VistaDB database using your preferred approach and then import that database into your Entity Model. Then, using your preferred EF code syntax you can query and modify data. For more information see the power of VistaDB’s support for Entity Framework.

ADO.NET Support (Of Course!)

VistaDB is also a fully compliant ADO.NET provider factory that supports .Net 4.5.1 and later.

Full support for ADO.NET Provider Factories also means you can write generic data access code and change the connection string to load VistaDB or SQL Server at runtime for a single application build that supports multiple backend data stores.

Going Deeper

To see all of the features available check out the VistaDB Visual Studio Users Guide.

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