Mobile Support

One Database, Many Platforms

With VistaDB you can deploy the same database and codebase to Windows, Linux, Macintosh, iOS and Android phones and tablets using .NET and Xamarin. VistaDB was designed to "scale down", making it a great choice for places where resources are tight - like phones and tablets. Being pure managed code you don't have to worry about compiling for different architectures or chipsets.

All The Database You Expect

Even though VistaDB is small enough to fit on your mobile device it doesn't skimp on database features. You still get T-SQL support, a rich relational database schema with indexes and constraints, and stored procedures - just like you'd have on SQL Server.

Imagine that - it's like SQL Server on your phone!

Leverage your experience designing relational SQL databases but deploy to the smallest devices on the market.
See Just what the VistaDB Engine brings to your Mobile App

Optimized for Mobile

VistaDB has special features designed to maximize performance on mobile devices and work with the unique constraints of these platforms. Mobile devices have fast storage, but little memory. They also suspend applications regularly and are more susceptible to unsafe application shutdown due to dead batteries.

VistaDB has all that in mind and more - everything so you can have a full featured relational database in the pocket of every one of your customers.

The No Hassle Embedded Database for .NET

License your team and deploy worldwide, royalty-free, starting at $1,595/site