• VistaDB 6 Beta 2 Available

    Download VistaDB 6 Beta 2 today to preview the new performance enhancements coming in VistaDB 6. We've incorporated new enhancements to Async support and queries on large tables with the previous improvements for up to 40% performance gains on common actions!

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  • VistaDB 6 Introduces Shortcut Evaluation

    SQL offers a tremendous range of data manipulation options for each column, and VistaDB handles them - but often you just want the raw data. VistaDB 6 can cut through layers of logic to optimize the execution path for simple scenarios, netting an impressive performance benefit with no code changes to your application!

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  • VistaDB 5.8 Now Available

    Visual Studio 2019 support is here with VistaDB 5.8. Download it today to get immediate support for VS 2019 and improved 2017 support without needing to wait for VistaDB6

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