• What's Coming in VistaDB 6

    The main focus of version 6 is improving the performance and usability of VistaDB through changes to the low-level engine. These improvements will help out mobile and desktop apps but we looked in particular at the challenges of mobile development to identify the most important items for us to focus on.

  • VistaDB 5.1 Released with Big Performance Improvements

    We’ve published a new release of VistaDB with our biggest performance improvements ever!  We set out a year ago to make a big improvement in the optimizer for VistaDB and ended up not just doing that but also dramatically improving the speed of the underlying storage engine!

  • VistaDB 5.1 Dramatically Speeds Up, Well, Everything!

    Improvements to the low-level storage engine in VistaDB have resulted in dramatic improvement in operations across the board - Inserts are twice as fast, updates four times as fast, and most queries get significant performance bumps as well.

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