• VistaDB 5.8 Now Available

    Visual Studio 2019 support is here with VistaDB 5.8. Download it today to get immediate support for VS 2019 and improved 2017 support without needing to wait for VistaDB6

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  • VistaDB 6 Beta 1 Now Available

    Download VistaDB 6 Beta 1 today to preview the new performance enhancements coming in VistaDB 6 and support for Visual Studio 2019. Our benchmarks show queries can be nearly twice as fast just thanks to the new single application locking mode available - and there are more enhancements in the pipeline for 6.0!

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  • VistaDB 6 Introduces Faster Single Application Locks

    VistaDB 6 adds a new, much faster, locking mode for applications that don't need to share databases. This is especially useful with mobile applications, using Xamarin for iOS, Android, or Mac. With a simple connection string change applications can improve query performance by 20 to 45% and responsiveness of multiple updates happening at the same time.

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  • VistaDB 6 Compatibility Changes

    VistaDB 6 has been designed for .NET 4.5.1 and later (with .NET Core support on the way). Older applications that can't use .NET 4.5.1 can still use VistaDB 5 which will have extended support for older applications.

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