Data Migration

Data Migration Wizard

The VistaDB Data Migration Wizard (DMW) makes it very easy to migrate existing databases from SQL Server, Microsoft Access and SQL CE. Full migration of Microsoft’s famous Northwind database takes under a minute. There is a tutorial for migration of the NorthwindEF Database to VistaDB.


  • Easy-to-use wizard format for quick and easy migration
  • Change database settings before migration
  • Edit column and table names before migrating
  • View the database data and structure before migrating
  • Select tables and columns to migrate
  • Ability to migrate database schema only without data
  • Supports migrating data from:
    • Microsoft Access (MDB and ACCDB if Access runtime installed)
    • SQL Server 2005 and later
    • SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE) 4.0 (SDF file)

Stored Procedures and Functions

The Data Migration Wizard copies across Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions from SQL Server. Since stored procedures may require additional programming work in order to work with VistaDB the wizard helps identify problematic syntax and assist in the migration. Fortunately, all of VistaDB’s syntax works on SQL Server son once the migration work is completed the same sproc code can be used back on SQL Server.

For more information see Tips for SQL Server Migration in the online documentation.


VistaDB will migrate your views with a quick basic check up front so you can tune them after migration as needed. After a migration packing your database will deep inspect all the views and help you make any adjustments necessary to ensure they work with your database.

Command Line Scriptable

The Data Migration Wizard is fully scriptable from the command line. You can also redistribute it with your application to include powerful conversion of existing user databases to VistaDB automatically.

Going Deeper

For complete details on how to migrate an existing database to VistaDB see User’s Guide: Data Migration Wizard

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