VistaDB consists of a redistributable database engine, Visual Studio integration, tools for data management, documentation, sample code and our fanatical technical support. In addition, VistaDB works with various ORMs and other third party tools.

What you get

  • VistaDB Database Engine

    The VistaDB engine is a small managed assembly you redistribute royalty-free with your applications.

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  • Visual Studio Integration

    VistaDB integrates tightly with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, 2015 and 2013 allowing you to create databases and alter their schema, indexes and more directly inside Visual Studio.

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  • Entity Framework Integration

    VistaDB supports Database-First integration with Entity Framework (EF6, EF5 and EF4).

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  • Data Builder

    Data Builder is a powerful yet easy-to-use application that lets you visually create and manage VistaDB databases.

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  • Data Migration

    The Data Migration Wizard makes it easy to migrate existing schema and data from SQL Server, SQL Server CE, or Microsoft Access (MDB and ACCDB) to VistaDB's database format.

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  • Third Party Tools

    VistaDB is supported by a rich ecosystem of third party tools including popular ORMs from DevExpress, Telerik, Mindscape, and others.

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Easy to Deploy, Program & Upscale

VistaDB is the ideal embedded database for .NET applications: easy to deploy, easy to program, easy to upscale to SQL Server.

Easy to Deploy

The VistaDB engine is a single, small managed assembly you deploy with your app and each database is a single file. No hassles with different versions for x86 versus x64. No COM objects to register. No installer to run. No database server to administer. Just xcopy and go!

Easy to Program

VistaDB is a fully compliant ADO.NET data provider with support for Entity Framework, ADO.NET, and Typed Datasets as well as its own Direct Data Access API for efficient cursor-based operations. VistaDB offers impressive compatibility with T-SQL including stored procedures, updatable views, cascading updates / deletes, table value params, CLR Triggers and CLR stored procs.

Easy to Upscale

VistaDB fully supports the ADO.NET Provider Factory model allowing you write one codebase that can target either VistaDB or SQL Server at runtime. Use VistaDB for the "lite" version of your application in which size and easy of deployment are paramount. And when greater scalability is required, upscale to SQL Server with no code changes.

The No Hassle Embedded Database for .NET

License your team and deploy worldwide, royalty-free, starting at $1,595/site