VistaDB 5.0 and 5.1 Updates Available Now

We’ve published new versions of VistaDB 5.0 and 5.1 which resolve known issues.  In the case of VistaDB 5.1 Beta 2 it includes the fixes previously published in VistaDB 5.0.6 as well as problems unique to the new 5.1 optimizer.  For production applications, you’ll want to upgrade to 5.0.7.  If you want to try out the latest optimizer then you can install 5.1 Beta 2.

For more details on the specific fixes in 5.0.7 see the release notes.  In particular, if you use explicit transactions you’ll want to upgrade to avoid incorrect query results due to the engine skipping rows in committed transactions in some circumstances.

For more information on what’s coming in VistaDB 5.1 Beta 2, see the release notes.  While we don’t know of any reason why this release couldn’t be used in production, our usual caution about deploying Betas applies.  We really value your feedback – most issues we’ve resolved in Beta 2 came from external reports of specific queries that either didn’t perform well or didn’t produce correct results.  We add these to our unit tests once we’ve narrowed down the specific element of the query that matters.

VistaDB 5.1 Coming this April

We’re in the home stretch with 5.1 – Beta 2 is feature complete from our original set of goals for 5.1, we’re still finalizing the big performance improvement we talked about in the VistaDB 5.1 Beta 1 announcement.  We’ll get more into that next week!

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