VistaDB 5.0.4 Now Available

We’ve just published VistaDB 5.0.4 which is addresses issues that’ve been reported to us in VistaDB 5.0.  It’s particularly useful for folks using Entity Framework 6 and VistaDB since it handles a few things that pop up in that configuration.  We’ve also fixed some edge cases with the TSQL REPLACE function and some scenarios where a query combines constraints on two different tables with an OR clause.

You can read the full release notes and download the release from our site.

What’s Next

This release is just a rollup we’ve pulled together to get defect fixes out to customers right away while the development of VistaDB 5.1 continues.  VistaDB 5.1 will debut a new query optimizer which we’ll be covering in a lot more detail as we get nearer to its release.

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