• Should I Consider Migrating to .NET 5 Now?

    We are about six months into the .NET 5 era, with a little over half a year left until the planned release of .NET 6. So, should you upgrade to .NET 5 now or wait for the next release?

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  • What Does .NET 5 Mean for My Application?

    With .NET 5, Microsoft has introduced a new release schedule and support policy for .NET technologies. From now on, Microsoft will release a new numbered update for .NET every November and a different support policy depending on the version. In this article we go over the exact details of the new support strategy and what it means for your team.

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  • VistaDB 6 Beta 2 Available

    Download VistaDB 6 Beta 2 today to preview the new performance enhancements coming in VistaDB 6. We've incorporated new enhancements to Async support and queries on large tables with the previous improvements for up to 40% performance gains on common actions!

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The No Hassle Embedded Database for .NET

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