• Can I Use VistaDB on .NET 6?

    The short answer is: yes. VistaDB works with .NET 6 already because it's actually targeting .NET Standard 2.0. But the long answer is a bit more complicated.

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  • VistaDB 6.2 Released - A Further Optimized VistaDB

    Performance is a quality VistaDB users want us to consider every update. So with VistaDB 6.2, we wanted to make it our focus. Ultimately, this effort has taken shape in some major optimizations: a further improved locking system with multiple measures taken to reduce latency.

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  • Focused Apps Need Focused Databases for .NET

    Databases aren't just for clusters of servers or distributed apps - a lightweight mobile app or standalone desktop app can still benefit from a relational database as long as it's light enough to go everywhere the app does. VistaDB 6.2 continues to optimize our support for these scenarios with our enhanced performance for single process apps!

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  • Should I Consider Migrating to .NET 5 Now?

    We are about six months into the .NET 5 era, with a little over half a year left until the planned release of .NET 6. So, should you upgrade to .NET 5 now or wait for the next release?

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