VistaDB 5.8 Now Available

Visual Studio 2019 Server Explorer VistaDB 5.8 is now available with improvements in Visual Studio support. VS 2019 is now supported, and the new asynchronous extension loading feature is supported in VS 2017 and 2019, improving the speed of Visual Studio starting up when extensions are installed. VistaDB’s extension was always fast as it didn’t do much until the server explorer or data designers were invoked but async loading support is soon going to be required by Visual Studio.

Upgrading for Free

Because of the delay in Visual Studio 6, we’ve committed to giving everyone that had active maintenance as of 1/1/2019 version 6 and put basic upgrade assurance on hold until 6 ships. Accordingly, those same folks should be entitled to this upgrade so we’ve used the same policy - so if your maintenance expired on or after 1/1/2019 you’re covered and get version 5.8 for free.

If your maintenance expired before 1/1/2019, contact support for an upgrade price for your license to get not just this release but also VistaDB 6 when it’s released.

Where’s Version 6?

It’s been a long time since we shipped VistaDB 6 Beta 1 and it’s taken us a while to land the big change we’ve been working on for 6.0 beta 2, but we’re now finalizing that to ship late this month - with a big jump in performance! We expect to ship 6.0 in late September.

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