VistaDB 6 Beta 1 Now Available

VistaDB 6 Beta 1 is now available for download.
This beta includes most of the enhancements we’ve announced plus VS 2019 support. We’re publishing this beta to let developers get a jump start at upgrading their applications for 6.0 and providing us feedback on any issues they identify which we haven’t found in our testing.

If you’re not familiar with the improvements coming with VistaDB 6, check out the following blog articles:

Support for Visual Studio 2019

We’re shipping VistaDB 6 Beta 1 just before the final release of Visual Studio 2019 but our testing with preview versions of VS 2019 has verified that the VistaDB extension works as it does in VS 2017. You will need to manually install the extension following the release notes after you install VS 2019 for the integration to work.

Try the new Single Process Modes

We’ve introduced new open modes for VistaDB databases that significantly improve the performance for applications where only a single process will have a database open at a time. We know this applies to many if not most applications using VistaDB and pays particular dividends for mobile applications.

All you have to do is change your open mode from a nonexclusive mode to the equivalent Single Process mode and you’ll get the performance benefits we detailed in VistaDB 6 Introduces Faster Single Application Locks.

What Feedback are we Looking For

We’re really interested in any regressions in performance or functionality. For example, where VistaDB 5.* is faster at an operation than this beta or where a query works differently. We have test suites we run every release through that we upgrade and extend with every release and this is no different so we don’t expect any new problems to show up but we know our customers often have found very creative ways to use VistaDB and we want to be sure everything works right on day one for the final release.

Roadmap to Release

After this beta we will publish one Release Candidate with all of the features and enhancements finalized and then follow that with the 6.0 release within a week or two. Our current plan is to ship the Release Candidate near the end of April and VistaDB 6.0 on May 1.

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